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It'll Never Work

It'll Never Work

Join us for a specials screening of "It'll Never Work" at the Birks Cinema on Monday 27 May at 7pm.

Joe Osborn's new locally-made documentary film is about the UK's first Carbon Zero solar fishing boat. 

Followed by a Q&A with the film's director Joe Osborn and boatmaker Hans Unkles.

Fisherman Hans Unkles wants a different way of doing things. With a band of fellow eco-aware fishermen, he will take apart his old boat and refit it with cutting-edge electronic tech. This documentary film follows Hans building, learning, making mistakes, chopping and welding a path to an easier way of fishing. With stories, opinions, support (and the occasional unhelpful comment) from old and young generations of fishermen, discover the pros and cons of an electric world pioneered by these men. 

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